Mont Vert Vesta, Pune - FlatGradings Opinion

1/17/2016 FlatGradings 0 Comments

Project Details

Project      Mont Vert Vesta
Builder      Mont Vert Luxury Homes
Locality     Pirangut
City            Pune


Builder & Project Review:
Urawade adjoining Pirangut in Pune West is where Mont Vert Vesta is located, doesn't sound like familiar territory right? Well, it is not. An investment destination of fully developed and sanctioned bungalow plots and luxury apartments located almost 15 Km from Chandni Chowk is Mont Vert Vesta. Mont Vert has been building distinctive homes in Pune in for nearly 20 years and now they are moving to the outskirts of Pune to develop second homes. They are a well-known name hence you might be tempted to evaluate this proposition. Let's see how they fared when we visited their site.


With a walk score of 12, this area is completely car dependent. Mont Vert Vesta is located on the road to the famous Lavasa City and is a few kilometres away from the Pune- Paud- Hinjewadi tri-junction. Pirangut is a developed industrial area that constituting the fulcrum of business activity and economic opportunities. Mont Vert Vesta due to its close proximity to Pirangut offers immense potential for appreciation either as a primary home or as an investment.

Master Plan:

We like the project layout, buildings are well spaced out there is enough open space in the centre ensuring there is enough space for you to take a stroll and enjoy the leisure facilities provided in the complex.

Floor Plan:

Our Opinion

1. The developer has a strong legacy in the Pune market
2. External Amenities and Facilities provided in the apartment

1. The location – can't see the advantage
2. The floor plans area not ideal for a second investment home
3. Overall value for product is not visible
4. There are couple of burial places around close to the plot so it’s a major disadvantage

    Location     :     

    Layout       :     

    Amenities   :     

    Floor Plan   :     

Final verdict:
In my opinion, Pirangut is far away from the city limits. If you are looking with a perspective of 10 years, the rates might appreciate however with the current prevailing rates you might consider investing in Navi Mumbai instead, keeping in mind the upcoming infrastructure and planned development. It’s a product positioned for investors...Even their advertisement says "Invest in Pune west".