Kalpataru Crescendo, Pune - FlatGradings Opinion

1/17/2016 FlatGradings 0 Comments

Project Details

Project      Kalpataru Crescendo
Builder      Kalpataru Ltd.
Locality     Wakad
City            Pune


Builder & Project Review:
They are calling it "Project Crescendo" and not "Kalpataru Crescendo". It’s become a convenient for developers to launch projects with code names and not their brand names. This is generally done when:

1. They want to generate instant cash and don’t want to leverage their brand equity
2. When they are not clear of the product positioning
3. Approvals are not in place

Quick Fact Check:
Well, in this case, it seems the 1st & 2nd are true, the reason being Kalpataru is a known brand and market sources say the plans are in place. There should be 4 towers coming up in this development supposedly the tallest towers in the vicinity. A project if planned well could well compete with Blue Ridge & Kolte Patil in Wakad.

Before I delve into the product attributes of the Project Crescendo, let me tell you I hold high regard for Kalpataru as a developer but I have not been impressed with their delivery in the past in Pune. I've always had my reservations about their approach towards new markets especially Pune. The introduction of Jade did bring in some joy to the company as we have seen a shift and noted that Kalpataru is ready to offer apartments which are at par with their Mumbai counterparts.


Kalpataru is is one company, barring Kolte Patil, of course, that has understood the Indian consumer market extremely well and if there's even a slight bit of space in between segments, trust Kalpataru to go aggressive and try to fill the gap with some or the other product. That's exactly what it has done with the Crescendo here. The company sensed an opportunity in the tower living segment and, after observing the competition for a while, decided to make its move - interestingly, quite a bit sooner than Kolte Patil to try and take a chunk of the volumes while it can. Once Kolte Patil arrives with its new offering in Wakad, it'll be a straight dogfight between Kalpataru & Kolte.
Now, we didn't really get an awful lot of time to analyse the product, very little information disclosed. What we know is that Crescendo located next to Harmony in Wakad is a project that would appeal to the mid-income IT segment in Hinjewadi & Wakad. A product planning expert explained it well - "If, say, my father were to invest in a 2BHK home, he'd ideally go for the Splendour/ Harmony while a young and rising corporate executive would go for something like the Crescendo."

Master Plan:

Floor Plan:
Anyway, coming to the product itself. Starting at 80 lac onwards Crescendo is differentiated from its 'regular' sibling Harmony by a lot. This is tower living, better amenities, better features, more space.

The product comes with digital locks, AC in apartments and modular kitchen which is a cool thing. Add to that the clubhouse it should be better than Harmony & Splendour as per plans which are great.

Areas Starting: 2 BHK -1100 to 1250 & 3 BHK - 1500 to 1650

Our Opinion

1. The tower concept - the elevation
2. Internal amenities are superior and better than competitors in the vicinity

Lack of open spaces in the plan

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    Floor Plan   :     

Final verdict:
Kalpataru has managed to make the Crescendo look is elegant and graceful but the lack of open spaces is a dampener. Also, we need to get a concrete idea on the delivery schedule before passing our final verdict.