Important Aspects To Be Looked At While Finding Roommate

5/10/2015 FlatGradings 0 Comments

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Most of us cannot afford to live alone in metro cities where the cost of living is sky rocketing everyday. The one solution to cost and space efficient living are "Roommates". Deciding to live with someone is a huge decision, which is why there are some crucial things to consider when choosing a roommate.
Here are the 6 important aspects to be looked at while finding a roommate:
1. Habits: Try to find out the basic habits of your roommate. Does he/she like to play video games or watch TV a lot? Is he/she a party person or not? Veg or Non veg? Smoker or Non-smoker? Getting to know their habits before moving in will help you strike a balance if suitable. If not, second thoughts can be provided.
2. Attention: Notice all that is required when you meet your to-be roommate. Do they dump trash everywhere, do they maintain a cleanly environment. Are they ok to do the household chores, do they whine a lot about the stuff to be done in and around the house. Try to be careful to not pick somebody who is pretentious since a lot of people pretend to be what they are not.
3. Money: Apart from the habitual needs, this is one of the most important points. Figure out if the person is sufficed enough to pay his/her bills on time and pool for all the bills to be shared in future. This may cause quite a friction if ignored to find out if his/her job is good enough to pay the bills.
4. Background check: If the person is not very well known to you or to any other acquaintance known to you, then make sure a background check has been done. Few things to be checked - Is he/she a drug addict, alcoholic or a thug. Security is another important factor while moving in with an unknown person. So, make sure you have done basic level of background check on the person.
5. Space & Luxury: Opinions can always differ. It is better to know if the other person requires a luxury setup or a simple room. This can be within our budget or may not. Never agree before looking into the place directly. Paying too much for a small place can be waste and paying too less where the house is big enough to accommodate another person is also a waste.
6. Friends: To move in with a friend can be exciting. However, do not ignore the things to be looked at even though they are your good friends. Because, staying under one roof can be different from hanging around and being together outside. There could be habits not known to you and may not go well with you in the long run, which may lead to just nasty fights.

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