10 Things You Should Check Before Renting An Apartment

4/17/2015 FlatGradings 0 Comments

If you can’t afford buying an apartment in the metro city, your next best solution is probably to rent one. Though moving to a new apartment is very exciting, finding a good one to rent could be very challenging. There are few things one should consider before taking a big step, so here is the checklist one should go through before renting:
1. Location: People prefer living closer to the places of their choices, be it work, shopping centres, grocery stores, banks or hospitals. They always want to live closest to the places to which they can travel conveniently. It saves a lot of time which seems to be very scarce in the current working environment.
2. Parking: Adequate parking spaces have become equally a very important factor for a lot of people moving in especially if the tenants own a car. Even in the case of bikes tenants still prefer the parking to be a lot closer to the apartment, if not available inside the building.
3. Noise: Staying in a location close to main roads, railway stations or bus stops are some things which are not very preferable due to the noise pollution. Neighbours, who make a lot noise, can also be really annoying (though it can’t always be predicted); Tenants still prefer a calm environment around.
4. Safety: Staying away from our home and family can provide a sense of insecurity. If the place rented seems to very susceptive to burglars or any form of insecurity it would be lead to a complete rejection of wanting to move in.
5. Amenities: In comparison to apartments built about a couple of decades ago the recent ones (ex gated apartments) have a lot of facilities like grocery stores, parks, swimming pools and gym which seem to attract a lot of people cause they don’t really need to go outside looking for these amenities.
6. False Claims by the Landlords: There have been claims provided by the landlords that something would be changed once the tenants move in, like for instance, if the bathroom had to be restored due to a water leakage. If this has not been done, the landlords can get away with the current tenants. However, it would lead to a problem to get new people since many responsibilities were ignored.
7. Ignored Repair Requests: Everything has a period of life. Similarly, a lot of the things in the apartment might wear out and needs to be replaced. However, sometimes the time taken by the landlords to get them repaired seems to be very very long or at times never repaired.
8. Owner’s behaviour: Of course the place is not owned by them but no tenants would appreciate or be happy with a rude owner who is not very understanding, demanding and irresponsible in nature.
9. Renovations: When an apartment has newly painted walls, reconstructed doors or the window panels have been changed, it will not only be a very good attraction for the tenants but, it would also provide a very healthy and clean environment.
10. Storage Space: Most people do have a lot of stuff to be kept with. It would be nice to have adequate space in the apartment to fit in all of them. Nobody would want to give them away or sell them due to limitations of space.
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